Friday, November 2, 2012

My life

Frankly speaking, i do not dare to say that im fully contented with my life now. There are still a lot of things that i want to achieve and yet still working hard for it.
During my sec schl life, i fell once( not physically fell hur). At that time, it  was my most rebellious period i should say. I skipped class and cca all the times. I went out almost everyday with my friends. I have no motivations to study and certainly my result suffered a lot a lot.

At the end of sec 3 , i was laterally transferred to Na stream due to my poor perfomance in school.
i was extremely devastated but i have noone to blame but myself.  I regretted a lot a lot!!!!

Not only do  i need to face the pressure that comes from the school but also my family and friends.
it was a tough time.  I  learn from where i fell. i told myself i would not allow the mistake to happen on me again. No and never again!treat it as a lesson to learn.I manage myself to study hard during my O levels period so that i could get into a good course and not to disappoint people who truly cares for me.
At the end, i did it! my effort really paid off . Thankfully, im nw in poly already even though i have spent more time than others to be able to get there. i learn the lesson through the hard way. 

last few words : it's good to realise ur mistake now than in future. learn from where we fell.